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Welcome to the Primitive Lifeways online store. Here you will supplies- both primitive and modern, tools and much more! We also take custom orders for your specific needs, so if you want to order an item or have a general question, we encourage you to contact us at (928)925-9223. Thank you for stopping by.


IMG_0566 IMG_4398
This necklace is inspired by prehistoric people throughout the southwest. In traditional prehistoric times argillite was harvested, traded and made into jewelry pendants. Olivella shells were also harvested and traded. The olivella shells in Arizona were traded from California and Mesoamerica. Back then, olivella shells were easy to obtain–this is not the case now. To begin, we harvest the argillite from a local quarry, saw it, and grind it on sandstone to make the pendant. Next, we drill the pendent with a stone tool and polish it with a pine salve. After the pendant is made, we obtain olivella shells from Mexico, grind the tips off, bake them to turn them white(like the originals), and string them onto cotton rope. The end result is a piece that is worthy of display in a museum!


fullsizeoutput_6e8 The rabbitstick was used in traditional times cross culturally. In Hopi, the rabbitstick was used to hunt rabbits, whereas in other regions of the world, they were used to hunt medium sized game such as deer. Each rabbitstick is made of hard oak. They are great for hunting, throwing, or even for displaying. Since these are made of wood, they can only handle so much abuse. In other words, if they hit rocks, they will chip; but even with dings and dents, they will fly. However, if they hit curbs, large rock faces and boulders, they will break. Each rabbitstick holds a tremendous amount of energy and some can fly over 80 yards! The standard rabbitstick is NOT painted. If you want one painted, no problem! please email us at: Jeff@PrimitiveLifeways.com


This atlatl part point is absolutely wicked! If mounted on a ring pinky to ring finger diameter sized dart, this will do exceptionally well. It is just under 3 inches long, 1-5/8 inches wide, and not too thick but also not too thin. This point is made from raw Mahogany obsidian and is serrated. Use this point to hunt with and mount it as a decoration. This point is extremely sharp!

Paleo people often hunted with a spear to bring down large game. This point is great for mounting up to a dried hard wood stick! Use it for hunting or use it for display. Either way, this point is not too thin, and not too thick. It is made from Mahogany Obsidian and heavily serrated. It measures 3-1/2 inches long and 1-1/2 inches wide. This point is extremely sharp!


img_5450 14466916_981501228628767_63406625_o
This knife is an amazing little tool! It is thin, hair shaving sharp and absolutely beautiful. It is a custom knife with the following specs.: 01 tool steel, scandi. grind, voyager leatherworks sheath, 1/8″ blade thickness, 9″ of total length, 4″ of blade length, desert ironwood handle and black micharta liners. We only have one in stock, so get it while it is available!


This hand made arrow quiver turned out absolutely beautiful. We carefully selected a seasoned Agave stalk, sealed it, glued the bottom, hollowed out the inside and wraped a decorative piece up top. The strap is made of braided jute twine and is adjustable. The decorative piece consists of buck skin, turkey feather, beads and hand carved pipestone beads and pendants. This will make a nice decorative wall hanger or a functional arrow quiver for field practices. This will hold twelve to thirteen 30 – 32 inch arrows. If you want it to fit a shorter arrow, we can do that. Please let us know in an email. Arrows not included.



The hand drill is the most difficult way to create fire by friction, but this set and combination of woods makes it easy! The hand drill was also used widely amongst Native Americans all over the West and Southwest. This hand drill kit comes with a Mulefat drill, California Fan Palm hearth board, and a Juniper bark tinder bundle. With this combination you cant go wrong and it is by far the best materials to use. We have taught many students over the years, and this combination of soft woods is so easy to achieve an ember. Every kit is ready to go and comes pre-charred. What sets these kits apart from other kits sold online are the woods we hand select. They are designed to work at ease and create an ember using little effort.




This hand drill kit comes with a Mulefat drill, Cottonwood, Beargrass or Saguaro Cactus rib hearth board, and a Juniper bark tinder bundle. Every kit is ready to go and comes pre-charred. What sets these kits apart from other kits sold online are the woods we hand select. This kit takes a bit more work to achieve an ember with, but using a kit like this will make you that much better at friction fire.


This is the exact same clay the Yavapai Indians used hundreds of years ago to make their pots with in the Mingus Mountains area. This clay requires no temper and is processed and ready to use. We carefully dig the raw clay, pound it down and sift out the heavy materials, then add fresh water and finally wedge it. Each clay body is cured for over three weeks and will make several small pots or one large pot.


Pine pitch can be used as a tool for making glue, waterproofing, a sealant and much more. Pine pitch also is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial, making it highly medicinal. Each clump of pine pitch is gathered respectfully and with care. You will receive a clump about the size of an adult male’s palm.



This package can be used as a decorative piece, or used on the field. As a decorative piece it will be sure to add character to your home, as well as spark intriguing conversation. Make no mistake though, the three traditional arrows will bring down large game and fly at a rapid pace. The quiver is very useful as well; it is durable, rustic, and brings America back to her Native traditions. All items are respectfully harvested from the landscape and hand crafted by Jeff Martin, and all arrows are personally signed. The quiver is made from a seasoned Agave stalk, sealed to keep bugs away, and wrapped with braided jute twine. Two of the arrows have Mule-fat shafts with Arrow-weed foreshafts, turkey feather fletchings, leg sinew and artificial sinew wraps, stone points, and painted acrylic paint. The other arrow has a Arrow-weed shaft, turket fletchings, leg sinew wraps, stone point and painted with acrylic paint.



IMG_1940 Pipestone was, and still is a prized possession to Native people. Native Americans made necklaces, rings, pipes, weights, arrowheads, and so much more from this rare stone. Every pipestone necklace is mined and carved by hand locally in Arizona. These necklaces have a beautiful natural red ochre color, and are smooth to the touch. Own yours today. Please note each necklace has it’s own unique characteristic–meaning no two will be the same.


This handmade necklace is an exact replication of an original Anasazi piece that sits in the Mesa Verde Museum. It is carefully shaped out, carved and polished with a pine pitch salve. Below is a video on how we make each necklace.

12219437_791677340944491_1990471754218040615_nWith each sticker sell, we donate half of the profit towards Native language and culture preservation. The other percentage goes towards reproduction so we can make more stickers. This sticker will look great the back of your car, truck or suv. Sticker size is 6 3/8 inches by 6 3/8 inches.


IMG_3658 With this kit you can successfully make your own replications. Every kit includes a hand selected and heat straightened cane shaft, Hand selected hardwood foreshaft, animal sinew, turkey feathers, stone point, and a pouch of knox hide glue. Tools not included.



DSCN0384 Fatwood Sticks, natures all natural fire starter. This firestarter is 100% natural. Fatwood was used for hundreds of years as a natural firestarter and can be found in the stump of a pine tree. Each stick is impregnated with pine resin, therefore it burns for a great amount of time. This product is a great way to get your fire roaring. Also great for the fireplace, BBQ, stove, and much more



DSCN0584 Unlike the hand drill the bow dill is much easier. The bow drill comes with five parts; a bow with string, spindle, hearth, socket, and a juniper tinder bundle. Once all components are locked together simply saw back and forth to create your ember. Once the hot dust smokes on its own you have an ember. Add the ember to your processed juniper tinder bundle and add oxygen to create flame.




The Paiute deadfall trap comes from the Paiute indians dating back many years ago. Due to the and sensitive bait stick this trap is excellent when wanting to secure a small game animal for food or just wanting to control a pest problem. Natives across the southwest and beyond used the Paiute deadfall for wilderness living. For more information we included a video below *Stone not included



images Deadfallsetwithtriggeratwintercount

The Promontory Peg was discovered by George Michaud. This is a very simple trap; Unlike the Paiute Deadfall it takes less work to construct. However it takes more pressure on the bait stick to trip. This primitive trap works excellent for capturing rabbit or squirrel. *Stone not included*


WARNING: Select and use outdoors and survival equipment, products, supplies, services, and techniques at your own risk! Martin Survival does not claim responsibility if injury or hazard shall occur at any time. The purchaser or user assumes all risks and Holds Martin Survival harmless for any use or misuse of any equipment or products purchased USE SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT AND TECHNIQUES AT YOUR OWN RISK. You must be 18 years of age to purchase a knife from our site. Knife laws vary in each state and you should know your local laws regarding knives. It is the purchasers responsibility to know the laws and only purchase a knife if it is legal to have in his/her area.

RETURNS AND SHIPPING: All sales are final. Some products might come with a warranty through the original developer. Primitive Lifeways does not provide product warranty or replacement if lost, stolen, or breaking. Many of our products are handmade and can take one to two weeks to make and ship. We do not ship outside of the United States.