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Jeff Martin is an active contributor and writer for Backwoodsman magazine. In the June/July of 2017 edition, Martin had an extensive featured segment on how to make and craft an agave arrow quiver using minimal tools.

July 26, 2013 Jeff Martin was featured along with primitive skills and survival expert Christopher Nyerges(school of self reliance). This article was published by Joy Bitonio of CBS Los Angeles. The article covered a diverse range of survival skills such as; finding and disinfecting water, primitive fire, shelter, wild food, and traditional weaponry.Martin was featured under the Primitive Fire section. 


The articles states the following : In an interview with wilderness living skills instructor Jeff Martin of Martin Survival, he had the following to say: “Fire is the essence of wilderness living and survival. In a wilderness living or survival situation, you need fire. Without it, you can die of exposure in three hours or less. When modern society thinks of fire, most picture a lighter and rely on modern day conveniences way too much. What happens when the lighter runs out of fluid or when you run out of matches? You have to resort to primitive technology. Primitive fire materials are all around us! Modern day man looks at primitive fire materials and think they are just plants, but in reality, they are so much more. They are life! Native Americans were well aware of this and depend on these materials. When gathering primitive fire materials there are a few things to look for. First, is the wood soft? Using your thumbnail to score an indentation is a great way to determine this. Second, is the center core is corky or pithy? If so, it will work. To create primitive fire you must have heat, oxygen and fuel. If one is missing you will not have fire.”