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Making Traditional Arrows


by Jeff Martin Past cultures and their means of making bows and arrows have always been an interest of mine. As a young boy, I remember visiting museums throughout the West with my Grandmother, where I had a deep fascination towards the Native American... (more...)

Hohokam Snaketown Points


All archaeologists agree, the prehistoric Hohokam of the Phoenix Valley were an amazing people whom forced us to reexamine the way we view agriculture in the early Americas. Ancestral to O’odham people, the Hohokam were an early culture living... (more...)

Crafting a Prehistoric Style Necklace


About six years ago I first heard of Argillite and its use in pre-historic Arizona. After traveling to multiple museums and looking at their jewelry collections, I noticed a beautiful and brilliant red stone that was made into necklaces, beads, pins,... (more...)

River Cane Arrows (video series)


Here is a video series on arrow making we filmed in the fall of 2016    Read More →

How to Make a Rabbitstick


The rabbitstick was used for thousands of years by Native people who once occupied the lands. In most cases using the rabbitstick was part of a daily routine; the young boy would learn how to make one, and would throw it well into his adult years, and... (more...)

How to Make an Atlatl and Dart


In spring of 2015 we decided to make an Atlatl and Dart set using modern, and traditional tools. The end result was a very deadly, yet functional prehistoric hunting tool. For additional videos and content subscribe to Primitive Lifeways¬†on YouTube.    Read More →

Water in the Desert


We all know the desert is a land of extremes. High temperature by day, frigid low temperature by night, dust storms, lack of vegetation, plants that poke, insects that sting. There is one more threat that is by far one of the greatest. That is the lack... (more...)

Plants of the Morongo Basin

When it comes to Wilderness Living and Bushcraft plant knowledge is very important. Plants can offer food, medicine, water, building materials, fire, tools and so much more! With that being said some plants can kill. A few years ago when I was taking... (more...)