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Jeff Martin Resume and Training

First I want to start as a young child. As a young boy I grew up farming and gardening with my father and Grandmother. My Grandmother survived the great depression by canning food, living off the land, and becoming self- reliant. When I was a young boy I also attended boy scouts with my younger brother who has recently passed away. During my Junior High – High School years I used to camp, scout, hunt, track, and fish for days at a time with my father and our friend Larry – who was a retired LAPD officer. After Larry passed away hunting and tracking slowed down. Camping and fishing did not. If there is one thing I can say about Larry is, he was a good guy and he knew the land! After high school graduation in 2006 is where it all began here are the schools and classes I have attended and taught.

1. Desert Institute Basic Survival 

2. Desert Institute Advanced Survival Instructor

3. Desert Institute Ethnobotany with Daniel McCarthy 

4. Wilderness Living and Primitive Skills DI 2013

5. Basic and Advanced Animal Tracking with Jim Lowery 

8. Man tracking with David Cooper ( JTNP Search and Rescue )

6. Urban and Wilderness Survival School with Gary Gonzales

7. School Of Self Reliance with Christopher Nyerges

8. Wintercount Primitive Skills Gathering

9. Rockart of Southern CA with Daniel McCarthy, Desert Institute February 23, 2014 

10. Pine Needle basketry with Kathy Klopfenstein, Desert Institute March 8 – 9, 2014 

11. Dirttime 2014, student and instructor May 17 – 23, 2014

12. Cahuilla basket making with Lorene Sisquoc, June 7, 2014

12. Primitive and survival skills instructor at the Malki Meseum

13. Bow making with Villars custom bows 

14. Arizona archaeological society member 

15. Primitive skills instructor for Preparedness HQ, Prescott, AZ.

16. Modern fire making with Cody Lundin (Prescott great outdoors event 2015)

17. writer for Masterwoodsman.com 

18. primitive and modern survival skills instructor for Oathkeepers, Yucca Valley, CA.

From early 2012 – current day I have been attending many events and traditional skills outings such as: flint knapping, basket weaving, traditional food roasts, acorn and wild food preserving, and more with the Cahuilla Native People in Morongo Valley CA. I firmly believe getting the hands on experience from the folks who’s ancestors taught them is critical to learning the land. I want to thank my good friend Aaron Saubel for teaching me some of the traditional skills that were passed down to him from his Grandmother Dr. Katherine Siva Saubel- who has recently passed away.
For more information regarding the Cahuilla Native People visit the Malki Museum website – http://www.malkimuseum.org/ 

Another thing that is worth mentioning is something I like to call dirt time. Dirt time is getting out in the field to practice and further your skill set to gain knowledge, experience, and understanding of ones local environment. On a daily basis I make it a goal to squeeze in 4 – 6 hours of hands on experience in the field.